Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Twin Mosque

This is unique.. I think there's no other country (at least in Asean) that have a twin mosque like The Sultan Ibrahim Grand Mosque in Muar. This mosque has a history behind and popular among Malaysian. I like the unique design which shows  the fusion of European and Islamic architechture.

The Sultan Ibrahim Grand Mosque

Its twin, across the river.

The mosque is located on Jalan Petri, Muar near the Muar river-mouth. Its twin is located at the other side of the river and we can see both mosques at the same time and place. However, its twin is located at a quite hidden place - behind the Tanjung Agas Industrial Area across the river. You'll have to use The Sultan Ismail Bridge (the longest bridge in Johore) to get there.

I took several pictures of the mosque from different angels... Enjoy!

The minaret where athan is recited and can be heard through out Muar town..

I'm sorry if the picture is a little dark, because of the rainy season. It was drizzling at that time.

The main entrance. Look at the high-skilled carvings.. It's a masterpiece!

The men's wudhuk center.

The mihrab from the back

The mihrab..

The mosque from the parking lot..

The notice board marking the Mosque Compound, made of stone (with the traditional Jawi writing)..
I think, this stone is as od as the mosque.

It's the twin again!

The mosque had been the Muar landmark since then.

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