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Malaysian Autos - Cars (Part 1)

Good day guys!

It had been a long time since the last time I put an entry in this blog.. I'm glad to have the time to share with you about my views on Malaysia I know..

Today I'm going to talk about Malaysian autos (cars). As a developing country, Malaysia had bloomed in the past 20 years to become an industrialised country. In those years, we manage to enhance our industry in automotive sector. And I'm very proud to share here of those success.

Well, it started in 1983, when our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir announced that Malaysia will produce her own National Car. Then, the first government-owned company, Proton immerged.

Since that time, Proton's engineers & designers are working days & nights to achive the goal and our first car - named Proton Saga - was released to public in 1985.

Our proud Tun Dr. Mahathir launched the first car
The first generation of Proton

I was in my secondary school at that time. However, people were sceptical to buy the car at that time. But gradually people were beginning to accept that Malaysians CAN DO IT! And starting from that time, our car industry began to explode..

Not long after that came the second generation, the Proton Iswara.

Followed by a few other models... like Proton Knight, Proton Putra, Satria etc.

Proton Wira.. I owned one of this... Mine is the 1997 model. Wira 1.5GLA.

For the young ones, they'll choose Satria model which is more sporty & trendy.

The first Satria model..

The Satria GTi model (right) which used Lotus technology in the engine.

The later & more stylish Satria Neo.

 Now, Proton had produced more than a million units of cars in variety of models such as Waja, Gen-2, Persona & the latest MPV model - Exora

The Waja model is widely used as Police cars for its durability & agility.

 So as Perdana V6 which is used as Government Executive Car. This model is also used for the MPs.

 The sexy yet elegant Gen-2 model. Largely bought by newly appointed government servants for its compatetive prices.

 When the newer version Persona came into the market, well they switched to this model for its agile handling & compatetive price - Our Pride & Joy.

For those who have a large family, Proton had launched a new MPV model, Exora in 2009.

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